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Translators Platform


  • Translations
    1. General translations: letters, articles
    2. Sworn and/or legalised translations: birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, CVs
    3. Academic translations: papers, thesis, lectures
  • Interpreting
    1. Interpreting in schools, hospitals, mediation services, solicitors, public notaries
    2. Sworn interpreting: in Court, at marriages
  • Language
    1. English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch language trainings for children and adults
    2. Tutoring for children and youngsters in English, French and Dutch as a native language


manuals instruction leaflet websites russian articles of association ukrainian catalogues flyers leaflets english annual accounts birth certificate death certificate marriage certificate diploma french divorce certificate adoption judgements medical certificates portuguese driving licences thesis cv power of attorney family situation certificate spanish


  • Translations
    1. Corporate communication and marketing material: websites, leaflets, catalogues
    2. Technical translations: manuals, technical datasheets,
    3. Medical and scientific translations: instruction leaflets, reports, medical certificates
    4. Academic translations: research reports, lectures
    5. Sworn and/or legalised translations: articles of association, contracts, annual reports
  • Interpreting
    1. Consecutive interpreting during negotiations, trainings and conferences in companies
  • Transcriptions
    1. We convert audio files, such as meetings, lectures, trainings and interviews, into written texts. Afterwards, we prepare the texts for publication. We can also translate those texts in the language of your choice.
  • Corporate presentations
    1. We present your company and its activities in a clear and convincing way. By means of an attractive presentation, we convey your message.
  • Language
    1. English, French, Spanish and Portuguese language trainings for adults at work or at home

Some explanation

[sworn, legalised, certified translations]
When translators sign a translation, they confirm that the content of the translated document is true to the content of the original document. Afterward, the translation is verified at the clerk of the court’s office. In Kortrijk, it takes one day to have the translation legalised. Translators charge a small amount of money to have the translations legalised.

A certificate issued under the Apostille Convention authenticating the origin of a public document. Public documents are first translated and then undergo a verification process at the clerk of the court’s office and is then presented to government officials, including the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and to embassies. An acknowledgment of the Flemish or Walloon Community may also be required. For further information, please check the website of the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs on www.diplomatie.be.

[financial support for corporate translations]
The Flanders Investment & Trade agency provides financial support for home-based companies that want to have their corporate communication and information translated in other languages than Dutch. For further information and conditions, have a look at www.flanderstrade.be.

Lidia Sozonova

General (sworn and/or legalised) texts
Specialised (sworn and/or legalised) texts
Text editing
Consecutive interpreting

Dutch | Spanish | Russian | Ukrainian

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Lucia Lazo

General texts
Specialised texts
Text editing
Consecutive interpreting

Dutch | Spanish | Portuguese | English

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Tanja Van Dooren

General (sworn and/or legalised) texts
Specialised (sworn and/or legalised) texts
Text editing
Consecutive interpreting

Dutch | Spanish | English | French | Portuguese

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